Manufacturing Representatives

Over 20 Years of Experience

Craig Associates is a small, engineering based, representative agency built around custom shape components. The company was started in 1996 based on custom aluminum extruded shapes. Over time, other manufacturers were added with processes that complemented the extruded products, such as castings and plastics. This helps ensure the best method to meet the customer’s particular part requirements.

Prior to organizing the agency, owner Fred Craig acquired over 16 years of experience in manufacturing and engineering in several companies. This experience ranges from manufacturing engineering through product engineering and engineering management. Utilizing the engineering experience, Craig Associates is better able to assist the customer in their designs.


The company represents manufacturers in the Northeast (New England & Up-State New York) delivering custom shapes from “as extruded, cast or molded” parts to finished machined components. The companies we represent provide:

  • Custom Aluminum Extrusions
  • Precision Miniature Aluminum Extrusions
  • Aluminum and zinc die casting
  • Aluminum and zinc permanent mold casting
  • Graphite mold zinc castings
  • Aluminum sand castings
  • Precision investment casting
  • Plastic and rubber injection molding
  • Plastic blow molding
  • Plastic sheet thermal forming

Top-Quality Custom Shape Manufacturers

Offering a range of process options, shape sizes and quantities

  • Extruding

    The companies consist of several aluminum extruders that, together, can extrude shapes from as small as 0.030” rod up to profiles as wide as 16”.

  • Casting

    There are a number of casting options that include precision investment casting, die casting, permanent mold and sand casting.

  • Plastics

    Craig Associates works with Synderplast, offering injection molding, blow molding and sheet thermoforming.

  • Secondary Fabrication

    Material can arrive in the “as formed” shape or fabricated to a finished drawing. The secondary fabrication can be completed by any of the manufacturers or through independent companies.

New Product Development

Craig Associates is uniquely qualified to assist the customer in the development of custom shapes for new products, product improvement and/or cost reduction. Craig Associates is an engineering-based agency with over 16 years of experience in product manufacturing and engineering outside of the aluminum extruding, casting and plastic molding industries.

Craig Associates can work with the customer to suggest an optimal shape for a new product or review a current product for cost reductions and/or quality improvements. The design is based on matching the needs of the component and the forming processes manufacturing requirements. We can also offer secondary operations on all the components.

Your Custom Shape Source

For further information on any of the companies or processes we provide, please contact us today. We would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and discuss you requirements in greater detail, along with how we can help you.

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