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Craig Associates represents several casting foundries that offer a number of different casting methods to help match the best process for your cast component physical and quantity requirements. The foundries cast parts using die, permanent mold, sand and precision investment cast methods. In some applications they can offer special alloys and/or secondary processes to improve some properties such as material strength or shock resistance.

Die Casting

Die cast foundry has a number of die cast presses, up to 700 tons, and works with a number of aluminum and zinc alloys. The die casting alloys stocked at the foundry are 343, 360, 369.1 and 380 in aluminum plus ZA-3, -5 and -8 in zinc. Other alloys may be cast on demand. The castings can range from parts at just a few ounces to other as heavy as 44 pounds.

Permanent Mold Casting

Permanent mold is a good alternative to die casting for lower volume quantity requirements. The process has lower minimum run requirements and lower tooling costs. The foundry casts parts using alloys such as 160X (413), 319, 356, 369.1, 713 and Almag 535 in aluminum plus ZA-3, -5, -7, -8 and -27 in zinc. Other alloys may be cast on demand. The castings range from parts as small as a few ounces to as large as 200 pounds.

Graphite Mold Zinc Permanent Mold Castings

This foundry specializes in a permanent mold process using a zinc alloy, ZA-12, with molding tools made from graphite. The graphite tools have very low tooling costs, as compared to the traditional steel tools. Also, the permanent mold process is good to low to medium size production quantities. The graphite tools yield a part with an excellent finish and very good “as cast” tolerances. The ZA-12 alloy used has high strength and an excellent machinability (better machining and strength as compared to most cast aluminums).

Sand Casting

The foundry has several different sand cast machines for low to high production quantities and cast part sizes ranging from ounces up through 750 pounds. For the high production castings, the foundry has a Hunter automatic molding machine. The rotolifts and squeezer machines are for medium size runs and floor molding for the small quantity runs or large castings. The aluminum cast alloys are 319, 356, 357, 713 and Almag 535.

Precision Investment Casting

Precision Investment casting uses the lost wax process. The process yields tight cast tolerances in numerous alloys. The materials include several aluminum alloys such as 356 and high strength 201, but also stainless steels, carbon steels, titanium, Hastelloy, Inconel and more. (120 different alloys). Quantities from prototyping with a wax plotter and SLA patterns up through production runs quantities. Certifications to AS9000, ITAR, C-TPAT and more.

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