Molded Plastic Component Solutions

Craig Associates offers plastic formed parts through the Synerplast Group. Synerplast is an alliance of 3 different plastic forming companies, Falpaco, Lefko and Plastik M.P.. The companies work together to assist the customer utilizing the best plastic forming process for their shape and quantity needs. The processes vary from plastic and rubber injection molding, hollow plastic blow molding and plastic sheet thermal formed parts.

Plastic & Rubber Injection Molding

Falpaco Plastic & Rubber is a custom plastic and rubber injection molding company. Falpaco works with a wide range of molding materials that include thermoplastics, elastomers, polymers, advanced resins and natural and synthetic rubbers. Falpaco offers:

  • Custom compounding to meet specific material requirements
  • Non-toxic and non-flammable materials for public transportation applications
  • Presses sizes ranging from 90 to 2000 ton machines
  • Insert and Over molding
  • Two color injection molding
  • Rubber to Metal bonding
  • Low to high volume production runs

Plastic Blow Molding

Lefko is a plastic blow molding company. The blow molding process is a highly efficient method to produce hollow plastic parts in a moderate to high volume production run size.

  • Wide range of plastic resins including polyethylene, ABS, TPE
  • Custom compounding to meet specific material requirements
  • Insert and Over molding
  • Highly efficient production rates
  • Hollow and solid part designs
  • Medium to high volume runs
  • Moderate tooling costs
  • Single and double wall parts

Plastic Sheet Thermal-Forming

Plastik M.P. is a plastic sheet thermal-forming company using four different sheet forming methods to meet the part requirements, vacuum forming, pressure forming, compression forming and twin sheet molding. The process has low tooling costs and is designed for low to medium production quantities.

  • Sheet vacuum forming for parts as large as 8 feet by 12 feet
  • Pressure forming for finer and more complex features
  • Compression forming for even greater details or forming porous materials
  • Twin sheet molding for hollow or 2 color parts
  • CNC and 6 axis robotic trimming
  • Low tooling costs
  • Low to Medium run size requirements

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