Aluminum Extruded Solutions

Craig Associates represents several aluminum extruders with various capabilities from small precision profiles extruded by Minalex to shapes much larger through other extruders. Together, the Craig Associates companies offer a wide range of shape sizes from as small as 0.030” diameter up through profiles as wide as 16 inches. The alloys extruded are the 6000 series aluminums, such as 6063, 6061, 6005A, 6105 and 6061. Additional alloys may be available for applications requiring special properties, such as increased strength, electrical conductivity or special forming using aluminum alloys such as 6060, 6101, 1350, 1100, 6463, 6082 and 6070. The extrusions can be supplied in custom specified mill lengths, cut to size pieces or even machined and finished components.


In addition to the wide range of extruded shape sizes, features and profile weights, the extruders have an exceptional record of shape quality. Depending on the design, they can hold tolerances tighter than the normal extruding tolerances. Features can be held to the precision tolerances listed in ANSI H35-2 and even tighter. Minalex has the capability to extrude tolerances as tight as +/-0.001″, depending on the feature.

The Craig Associates companies together offer shapes:

  • As small as 0.030” rod up through profiles as large as 16” wide and 20 Lbs./Ft
  • Extruded tolerances from standard down to much tighter, depending on the shape size
  • Thin walls down to only 0.018” thick and hollow holes as small as 0.060” diameter
  • No, or low, minimum extrusion run size requirements
  • Low tooling costs
  • Mill lengths as long as 40 feet, depending on alloy and shape size.
  • Precision cut pieces down to a cut length tolerance of +/-0.004”
  • Miter and double miter cutting
  • Secondary services including machining, stamping, bending, anodize and painting.
  • Complete inspection capabilities, metallurgy labs and certifications

Custom Solutions

Together, the companies that Craig Associates represents offer a wide range of options to meet your extruded component requirements.

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